Jeanne Denault

Jeanne Denault is an American writer living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her most recent book Sucking Up Yellow Jackets, will be published in October. For more information on Sucking Up Yellow Jackets or to order a copy online click here.

Autism awareness month coming up fast

March 21st, 2012

II have been sending out books to Autism groups listed online. I still haven’t figured out which ones are currently at the addresses listed on the Autism Society of America’s information site. Unfortunately, that is one of the problems with volunteer groups so I send them first class so they are returned if the membership chairman has moved. After I sent out postcards to 140 listed member groups announcing that I had won the Illinois Autism Society/ Reliability Gives Voice to Autism Best Autism Book of 2011 joint contest four were returned because the address was no longer valid and they had no new information so they were not able to forward them. If nothing else, I’m getting to know all the people at the post office.

Jeanne with RGVA 2011 Best Autism book Award

June 26th, 2011

I’ve been watching to learn how to add images to a post and figured out the mechanics well enough to get the image on this post but have to go back and watch it again to figure out how to shape the text so it doesn’t think it’s stuck to the picture. Caitlin Doherty took pictures of me holding the “medal.” I think of it as my Oscar. The actual medal emblems will be attached to the front covers of the books. They look terrific.